My mom has always dreamed of having a big wedding…You know the kind, wearing the big white wedding dress, flowers everywhere, and all the romance that goes with it. Some of you know my mom and dad never had a chance to have a dream wedding, instead they dropped my step brother and step sister at school then drove 3 hours to the state line and were married in Tennessee at the Chattanooga courthouse. Then they had lunch, drove back home, picked up my step brother and sister from school, told them the good news and that was their wedding day.  

For the last 5 years, mom's physical and mental health has continued to deteriorate and she is no longer able to work. She has been trying to qualify for S.S.I. Disability for over 4 years without success. Mom suffers from PTSD (from a monstrous event some years ago), Fibromyalgia which is continuing to worsen and is taking her ability to enjoy even daily events (like her cooking and gardening), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and recently she’s been told she’s in the first stage of Congestive Heart Failure.


The happiest time in mom's life was the 8 years she spent in Okinawa, Japan and my dad John and I want to give mom the best 20th anniversary possible. So dad and I have been planning a vow renewal on Okinawa in February 2017 for about a year.  They have been trying to save for this trip, but not having medical insurance and with mom’s medical costs continuing to rise; this hasn’t been possible. For mom this will likely be a last in a lifetime trip. Mom has been there to help many people (Family, friends and friends she hadn’t met yet!) She once drove three hours to care for a friend’s dog when no one else could! Would you help me make this important time in her life a reality?  I would appreciate a donation of any amount. I will update the site regularly, and promise to thank every one personally that helps this memory happen!


Mom is rapidly approaching the point where a trip of this kind will no longer be possible for her.

Best wish to all,


Dad and Mom 1997
Dad and Mom 2015
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